6 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Event Producer

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By GiGi Sheppard

Holding events has always been an essential part of business. Before the coronavirus pandemic, these events mostly took place at venues with meals, drinks, and snacks. Now, they primarily take place online. Businesses have had little choice but to adapt.

The worst mistake you could make is to organize the event yourself. Although on paper it may sound easy to hold an online event, in practice, it takes an entire team of professionals to pull it off.

On the other hand, the right decision is to consult with the experts. Experienced virtual event producers can lend you the skills and knowledge needed for success. This post will explain what a virtual event producer is and cover the top six reasons you should hire one for your next online conference, trade show, or hybrid meeting.A laptop showing a virtual event in progress and running smoothly because a virtual event producer was involved.

What Is a Virtual Event Producer?

A virtual event producer is in charge of managing the production of a virtual event. A virtual event producer’s responsibilities can include everything from identifying and procuring the right video equipment to providing promotional assistance and live technical support.

Why Hire a Virtual Event Producer: 6 Reasons

1. A Bad Event Will Hurt Your Business

Imagine you spend months promoting your first online event. You spread the message on social media and invite clients and acquaintances. But then, on the day of the event, only a handful of people show up, and most of them leave after an hour due to severe technical issues. How will this affect your business’s reputation?

This event was a failure on multiple levels. Firstly, nobody showed up. Lack of attendance is a sign of poor promotion. Secondly, the attendees disliked the event because the equipment was insufficient, and the content was boring.

The event was a waste of both time and money. The worst part is that this nightmare didn’t need to happen. Consulting with an expert would have made the event go smoothly.

2. A Virtual Event Producer Will Be Your Strategist

The main problem that beginners face is their lack of experience. A virtual conference or event is full of uncertainty, and this is stressful and confusing. People make bad strategic decisions when their thoughts are unclear.

Planning must encompass every aspect of the event. Nobody knows the details better than one of our experts.
Hiring a virtual event producer can help ensure you pay attention to costly details.

If you don’t pay attention to the details, the event might cost more than expected. It is very important to run the numbers accurately.

Can you do the strategizing yourself? Sure, it is theoretically possible. But nobody can deny that consulting a pro will increase your chances of success. A virtual event producer has orchestrated hundreds of these events.

3. A Virtual Event Producer Will Help You with Promotion

There are numerous ways that you can go about promoting your event. An expert can work with your budget constraints to formulate an acceptable strategy. A producer will also help you define your target market and attract the desired audience. After all, you don’t want just anyone in attendance.

Two of the most popular forms of promotion are social media and email marketing. For both types of campaigns, a virtual event producer can help you craft compelling copy. This is important because if you use the wrong language or structure in your promotional copy, you risk losing potential attendees. Consult a pro. Do it right.
Virtual event producers taking an inventory of the required equipment for an event.

4. A Virtual Event Producers Help with Equipment and Technical Support

When it comes to the technical side of the job, four things are needed:

  • The right equipment (hardware)
  • The right software
  • The right virtual event platform to fit your needs
  • Technicians who know what they are doing

Most companies have none of these.

Some people think holding a successful virtual event or live stream is possible with an iPhone 7 and a lamp from Walmart. However, it is preferable to work with a professional team.

When it comes to hardware, you need the right cameras, lights, microphones, and greenscreens. You must also consider the sound quality of the room.

In terms of software, you will choose a virtual event software platform. There are many to choose from. Consulting an event producer is the best way to learn about them. The platform you choose will depend on your unique situation and needs.

And finally, for tech support, hiring a virtual event producer is essential. The best equipment in the world is useless if you can’t operate it. And nothing ruins an event like a screeching mic and a speaker that’s barely visible.

5. Virtual Event Producers Will Coordinate Rehearsals and Provide Training

Before the virtual event, you’ll have to run through a rehearsal or two. It’s useful to receive feedback, otherwise you won’t have an audience’s perspective. It’s also important for testing the lighting, cameras, and audio tech and making sure everyone knows their roles.

Audience engagement will make or break the success of your event -- especially when it comes to virtual trade shows, so special effects and interactive games can be used to entertain your viewers. Rehearsals are the place to test them out. And they must be tested because some games are annoying or condescending. You need to get it right.

Audience engagement will make or break the success of your event. Trust a virtual event producer for help ensuring your audience remains engaged from start to finish.

6. A Virtual Event Producer Can Help You Analyze Your Event

Virtual events are the future, so businesses must learn to plan them. The best method is to hold an event and then analyze your audience reaction. You should do this with a virtual event producer, of course.

One of the great things about virtual events is that it’s easy to track the return on investment. The digital nature of the event allows us to analyze audience behavior, provide analytics from your exhibitors and meeting metrics. Once we know what worked and identify areas of improvement, we can optimize for the next event. Over time, you can build up a body of experience.


It’s tempting to try to take on these giant projects yourself. Some companies hand them over to admins who understand computers. Hopefully, this post has shown you why consulting a pro is wise and how AMP Event Group can be a great partner in your next endeavor. A virtual event producer covers everything from choosing the right platform, assisting with marketing to content creation and post event analytics. This requires a team of people who perform these tasks professionally.
Get in touch to consult with our team of virtual event producers today!Only so much can be written in a blog post. This is just a small sample of what having a
partnership with AMP Event Group considers. The number of details that go into a successful

event is enormous.

About the Author
GiGi Sheppard, Director of Client Services at AMP Event Group, has over two decades of event
planning, management, and production experience.


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