Boeing V-22 Osprey Factory Opening

March 30, 2021


Boeing hired AMP Event Group to create a spectacular event inside the newly opened manufacturing facility for the V-22 Osprey program in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. The challenge included various potential staging scenarios based on aircraft delivery schedules. AMP needed to create a production solution for any possibility and installation needed to take place within 12 hours of the event and come out immediately afterward as if we were never there. Additionally we needed to erect a 24’ wide screen format video screen and light a 63’ x 22’ x 46’ V-22 Osprey Aircraft without any rigging points and put enough audio in the air to cover an audience of 1500 people! Lastly, it needed to WOW! Boeing leadership and associates and come in on budget.


Plan for every contingency! AMP set out to streamline the design of the stage area and video screen in one 70’ line from left to right across the plant floor in front of the V-22 Osprey aircraft. Backstage AMP erected a line of 3 freestanding 30’ Truss Towers with outriggers to support a curved truss line for both lightning and the video screen. A powerful JBL VRX Line Array system was erected on independent 30’ genie towers, positioned in 4 locations. We would also utilize these towers for stage lighting as well. The backstage truss would also provide lift to 40 LED moving lights and another 20 uplights to light the aircraft and stage area. Lighting scenes were then programmed in concert with the script to provide a flawless look and add the celebratory experience the new plant opening brings to Boeing.


AMP was able to create a stage concept that was flexible and could be placed in any area of the plant. AMP brought the WOW! And exceed the expectations of Boeing’s Senior Leadership, Event Staff and Associates in every way from planning & design to cost & execution.

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