NLADA 2021 Virtual Holistic Defense & Leadership Training Conference

The Challenge

NLADA (National Legal Aid & Defender Association) typically holds their Annual
NLADA 2021 Virtual Holistic Defense & Leadership Training Conference at a
destination hotel or conference.  Unfortunately, the complexities of the pandemic and travel          for their membership in 2021 made it practically impossible to move forward with plans for an       in-person conference.


The Solution

AMP was able to leverage its partnership with Pathable to create a virtual meeting
environment for the NLADA 2021 Virtual Holistic Defense & Leadership Training that included a welcome lobby, general session room, breakout room, sponsor hall, and member central areas where programming would take place. AMP utilized its arsenal of Pathable’s built-in streaming
software and licenses to provide NLADA with highly polished production for their
sessions, while providing backstage technical support for speakers and facilitators alike.


AMP created email marketing templates for NLADA to reach attendees, sponsors and
speakers that alleviated work and stress from the NLADA team. AMP’s technical team
provided pre-recorded and 1 to 1 training sessions for remote presenters so they would
know what to expect and were comfortable with the technology and familiar with their
support team.

The creative team prepared graphics and video content for Welcome & Welcome Back
videos and the content management team organized, uploaded and tested all program
content, identified sponsors, and assistant speakers and attendees. The project
manager met with NLADA stakeholders weekly, acted as the liaison between staff and
Pathable team members and assisted attendees, speakers, sponsors through the
process of becoming comfortable with the platform.

Our Results

AMP successfully delivered a highly engaging, well-organized virtual event. Attendees
enjoyed the Pathable platform and were excited about participating in Keynotes, Breakouts and Round Table discussions, chatting with one another, and gained CE and CEC credits without any technical difficulties.