Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation Hybrid Virtual Event


Fran Monk, Director of Marketing tasked with setting up Virtual Annual Employee Meeting to deliver presentations from the senior leadership team, broadcasting from their corporate office as well as one remote presenter over the web. Fran reached out to AMP to secure a confidence monitor & teleprompter equipment with an operator to keep the leadership team on script for the live broadcast and a planned rehearsal. The platform they planned to use was Microsoft Live but the LMC team found it cumbersome to set up and the video window via webcam was too small and it did not present the highly polished production level LMC wanted to achieve in delivering important information to their 187 employees. They also needed analytics so they could measure employee participation.


AMP evaluated LMC's needs and offered a three fold Hybrid Event Solution that incorporated both live event and virtual meeting all of the elements to deliver a high level production.

  • AMP built out an LMC Branded Login Page, to capture employee emails and track participation. Next we build a Branded "Watch" page to view the Live Broadcast.
  • AMP utilized a broadcast live stream solution that enables us to build background layers, logos, multiple video windows, use broadcast quality HD cameras, bring in pre-recorded video rolls, slides and up to 9 remote presenters and incorporate lower thirds and titles. This gave the client all the flexibility they needed to
  • AMP integrated a stage and remote audio solution, lit the set, set a stage mark for presenters to hit prior to taking the podium and made edits to the scripts to make the show flow flawlessly.

AMP alleviated the workload and stress from the communications, marketing and leadership teams in producing this highly important live stream. The employees enjoyed an engaging presentation and were able to communicate with one another and the organization enjoyed a high level of participation and many kudos from participants.

“The AMP team was great! In very little time, they got everything organized and scheduled. From the rehearsal to the live event, they really made my job easy. The end result was a very professional and polished virtual event. I highly recommend AMP. They really know what they are doing, and it shows.

Fran Monk

Director of Marketing, LMC

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