College Board Annual Nationwide Conference Series


The College Board hired AMP Event Group to produce a conference series solution for 6 regional conferences that took place over 5 weeks and criss crossed the nation. Each region (Western, Southern, New England, Middle States, Mid-West, and South East) conference was multiple days, with 8-12 breakout sessions and general session main stage. AMP needed to produce a stage and lighting design that would provide a consistent level of production and aesthetic that could travel around the country and fit in each of the hotel spaces contracted by the individual regions. The College Board also needed us to navigate IATSE union labor for the regional forum conferences held in Brooklyn, Chicago and Las Vegas.


AMP conducted site inspections at each of the 6 venues contracted by the College Board to be able to understand any limitations that would prevent the set design from being installed in each location. Limitations in ceiling height or throw distances for projection lenses or limited seating capacities were all potential grenades in a show that had to criss cross the nation. Once site inspections were completed and a design was achieved & approved, AMP set out to streamline moving gear in and out of facilities by having custom cases built to house all of the equipment needed for each room. The Lock, Stock & Breakout was born!


AMP exceeded the College Board’s wish list in every area by working through difficult challenges and delivering at every location an on time, seamless and organized conference. We were also able to provide the same technical leads at each location to drive a highly consistent level of service to the College Board. As a result, AMP Event Group became the preferred partner of The College Board and provided this service to the College Board from 2007 through 2017 when the regional forums came to an end.

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