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What Is a Virtual Event? 

Everybody knows physical events such as trade shows, conferences, and round table meetings. Well, virtual events are their online equivalents. Virtual events have existed for years, but the pandemic has forced the industry to improve. Now, it is possible to hold a massive virtual event for thousands of people. 


What is a virtual event platform?

Holding virtual events requires the use of specialized software. Virtual event platforms were created to fill this need. These software platforms enable you to host interactive and high-quality events from your home. Participants can join the events easily and interact using the platform’s features. Download our Virtual Platform Comparison guide.


The Importance of Virtual EventsWhat Equipment Do I Need? 

The three most important pieces of equipment that you will need for your event are (1) mics, (2) cameras, and (3) lights. Of course, you will need a good computer and a high-speed internet connection too. The goal is to create excellent video and audio quality for your audience. Now that hybrid events have become more prominent you may want to look at equipment needed for a hybrid event.


How Can I Make My Event Enjoyable? 

Firstly, structure your event in an enjoyable way. If you know nothing about content creation, it might be a good idea to take a course or buy a few books on effective speaking. You want to reach the point where you speak in an enjoyable way in front of the camera. This takes practice and feedback. Secondly, make sure that you give valuable information to your audience. If you give them the knowledge that will change their lives, they will enjoy the event. Finally, use interactive games and networking activities to encourage engagement. If participants exchange ideas and contact information, they will enjoy the event. Check out 180+ Online Experiential Ideas for Marketers from our friends at


What Are Sponsors? Do They Care about Virtual Events? 

Sponsors buy a small piece of your virtual event real estate. And yes, they care about virtual events! In fact, virtual events are better for sponsors than physical events were. This is because virtual events offer many new digital marketing options that can create higher profits for sponsors. You can sell digital ad space to sponsors. Think of banners, pop-up ads, and shout-outs. But inviting your sponsors to speak to an audience on a compelling topic that's of interest to your audience or provides a solution to a particular pain point is the the best way to move sponsorship into high gear in the virtual setting.  Additionally create 15 second commercials to appear in both the live and virtual space to bring greater value.  Promote your sponsors across social media channels if you have a significant number of followers.  If you don't, make a plan to get them.  For more ideas, check out our 5 Ways to Structuring Hybrid Event Sponsorships.


How Do I Find Better Sponsorship Deals? 

Build your social media accounts! If you have a large, engaged social media following, you can leverage those accounts and gain lucrative sponsorship deals. Social media mastery has become a powerful business tool. And it is free. The catch? If building large social media accounts was easy, everybody would do it. It takes charisma and skill to build social media accounts. If you can’t do it yourself, consider hiring an employee who can. These days, social media followers can lead to better contracts and clients. 


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