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Comcast Communities 2021 Virtual Summit

Image Description

The Challenge

BI WORLDWIDE, a global brand experience agency was tasked to convert a historically live event for Comcast Communities customers, to a highly produced, virtual event.  BI WORLDWIDE chose AMP Event Group as its virtual event production firm in Philadelphia where Comcast is headquartered.  The challenge?  Find a location with enough green screen to accommodate a comedic juggling team who toss knives, stun guns, and yes, you guessed it, chainsaws!  And make sure you have enough camera angles to make it fun and exciting for the virtual audience.  We'll also need to playback 10 or 15 pre-recorded videos in between live segments and Oh! we also need to lay it over a multi-perspective virtual set!

Okay!  No problem! You've come to the right place!

The Solution

We reached out to our partners at Rittenhouse Filmworks to utilize their sound stage to give us a 30' x 30' white cyc for our staging area with a 360-degree perspective to set up our camera shots.  We asked them to paint their cyc, candy apple green to create our green screen background. We then lit the ceiling grid with Arri LED Skypanels to get the brightest, crisp and clean shots of our host and performers. Day 1  Load In, Set Up, Technical Rehearsal, Day 2 Technical Rehearsal, Talent Rehearsal, Find a Black Yoga Mat for the Jugglers? (what?) Go Live!  Day 3 Rehearse some more and finish strong!

Our Results

Take three, 4K Cameras with Operators, add one Vmix Engineer who chromo keys and eats virtual sets for breakfast, mix in with one Virtual Platform Tech, a spicy Grip, pour in one teleprompter operator and a dash of audio engineer and combine with an experienced producer and Voila!  You've just made a magical and entertaining Virtual Event!!  Not only was the show informative, but it was also hilarious and visually stunning! 


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