1. Use a friendly conversational style. Keep your audience tuned in using humor, inflection and asking questions.  It's difficult to engage and audience when recite facts without emotion.

2. Incorporate a custom designed set and slide & video content. It's hard to keep your audience with only a presenter and not much else.

3. Shorten the time of the session. Adopt a TED style of "under 20 min". 10-15 min per speaker is the best match alternating to a panel style format between lectures is appealing to online audiences.  

4. Make intro's brief.  Don't lose your audience before your presenter takes the stage.  Make it specific to the topic and 30 seconds or less.  


5. Stay on topic, give specifics, make it personal, by sharing real lief experiences, and throw in some numbers. Stay away from the mundane.


Get a Custom Stream Experience

  • Professional broadcast studio.

  • Custom set design & branding.

  • Full audio, video & lighting.

  • Custom branding broadcast website.

  • Two-Way Streaming to enhance inclusion. 

  • Configured for playback on any device.

  • Client Site production available.

  • Ability to embed player to client website.

  • Secure platforms with analytics & support.

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